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Please sign this petition and share it widely. We would like our legislators to know that a lot of people are concerned about the environment. GO TO THIS LINK FOR PETITION.

We do not want a 5th power plant in our community! It will also affect climate change.

SEE MORE ABOUT OUR FIGHT TO STOP THIS PLANT: Past blog posts/updates, the 5 power plants within 13 miles, the issuesGlobal WarmingEnvironmental InjusticeProperty ValuesFrackingCheap Gas, TaxesWorst Energy Job CreatorLack of Public Involvement, and Alternatives )

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3 Responses to Sign Petition & Pass It On

  1. James Thiel says:

    We need clean power, which means wind and solar. Fossil fuels and nuclear energy are dangerous and bad for the environment creating toxic pollution that our planet and our communities can not afford. It’s very simple… we need to transition off of our dependencies on these types of energy; which means no new infrastructure in support of these antiquated sources. New infrastructure for wind and solar only…

  2. Cynthia Newcomer says:

    We need to stop our reliance on fossil fuels. Invest in clean energy!

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