PSC Hearing Update

  • Dec. 4, Fri, we should receive a response from PPRP about the Downstream Strategies report which was the reason for the postponement of the decision from the Nov. 4 hearing. The response should be available here. However it is possible it will be posted where it won’t show up in this search of case number 9330, sorted by date. Dr. Henry Cole will be searching for it several times per day and will notify us when he finds it. You will be notified if you’re on our GoogleGroup. The final agenda for the Dec. 9 hearing and links to related docs are here.
  • Dec. 6, Sun., we will be having a meeting to see what we should do if we don’t get a postponement. We will continue to ask as we haven’t had a chance to review the response before the hearing (information below). If you’d like to join us Sun. night on Zoom, the information will be sent to our GoogleGroup.
  • Dec. 7, Mon. noon is the deadline for sending a letter to PSC as testimony for the hearing (whether you can attend or not). Responses from last month’s hearing is here (select case number 9330 and dates Oct. 1 to today’s date should give you all the public comments which can be used as examples but the content of them now should be about the response to the report linked to above – we can’t advise you as to how to comment since we don’t have the response and no idea how it will turn out).
  • Dec. 8, Tues. noon is the deadline to sign up to speak at the Dec. 9 hearing. Information on how to make a public comment is here. The order of the agenda could change, but you can find Mattawoman Energy on the agenda here.
  • Dec. 9 10:00 AM hearing. If you’re not signed up to speak, you can watch it live or in recording here. If you are signed up to speak, you should get a link to the video chat in your email.


Below are the photos again as a reminder of what the pipeline can do to our land and where it will be.

Note this story of a drilling accident in New Jersey. And this story about pipeline problems in Pennsylvania.

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