Protest March Against Pollution Plants in Brandywine, MD

January 1, 2016

Local residents took time on New Year’s Day to protest the newly  approved Keys Energy Center and Mattawoman power plants in Brandywine, MD. The residents placed signs along the Brandywine Road corridor to raise awareness. They marched up and down the main section of the town Brandywine with an accordion, funny hats, tambourines, signs, and dogs.

Residents on a peaceful New Year's day march in Brandywine, MD

Residents on a peaceful New Year’s day march in Brandywine, MD

Brandywine, MD already contains an existing Gas-powered power plant (The Panda Plant). And, another large Gas-powered plant (Charles Power Center) is being constructed the adjacent town of Waldorf, MD. If all the approved plants are constructed, the aggregation of fossil fuel emissions in such a small location will be unprecedented within the United States.

“We are not excited about the idea of two new power plants so we walk!” exclaimed local resident Nick Newlin.

Yard signs are still available for those residents who wish to have a sign on their own property. Please contact us for more information on how to obtain a sign.


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