Tour of Rural Southeast Prince George’s County

Thank you to Councilman Hawkins and his staff for hosting this tour of Brandywine to Eagle Harbor:
(Photos here of the participants.)

Stops on the Tour

SAARC (our new aquatic center) – where we started to see development we really like! Thank you, Prince George’s County!

Historic Chapel of the Incarnation – which houses CSS and has a senior center next door and where we could see the area of the Brandywine Revitalization Study for a walkable bikeable community.

Superfund site – contamination clean-up just north of the Early Family Historic District

Mattawoman Power Plant – not yet built as of Oct. 2019 (Their website says it will retire the coal power plant but we have 3 other fracked-gas power plants within a 13-mile area which all said they would close Chalk Point, though it is still open. The state says we’re supposed to have 50% renewable energy by 2030 which can’t happen with these fracked-gas / fossil fuel power plants)

PSEG Keys Energy – 2nd fracked-gas / fossil fuel powered plant in Prince George’s County.

North Keys Park (latest photos from Google) – near the coal fly ash from Chalk Point (ash tracker link shows latest tests)

Lake Chaney – a mining project gone wrong since our water table is so high – now used for water skiing

Jenkins/Gobbler Property – mining site not far from Schmidt Environmental Center and historic St. Thomas Methodist Church (listed on Wikipedia here) – could be a good site for a solar farm

Chalk Point – coal power plant (that we’ve been told is transitioning to gas, which will make it the 5th fracked-gas-powered energy plant in the area) – the first power plant in southeast Prince George’s County which is in Eagle Harbor, a historic African American waterfront resort created during the Jim Crow era – it is polluting the Patuxent River which our Patuxent Riverkeeper is trying to clean up.

PA Bowen Farm – where we bought organic cheese made from raw milk, learning about how raw milk can be healthy if regulated, and organic chicken and other products from their farm which requires clean air and water (no more dirty fossil fuel power plants!).

Romano Winery – where we learned about the process of creating a variety of wines & we bought some great wine

Brandywine Power Facility, KMC Thermal (Google photos) – This is the first gas-powered energy plant in Brandywine, Maryland and the 2nd power plant in southeast Prince George’s County. It is close to Soil Safe which supposedly cleans contaminated soil (article 1 about abuse from Soil Safe | article 2 about abuse from Soil Safe).

Resources – Related Issues that inhibit or encourage Agritourism projects and/or Promote dirty businesses or clean air (spoken about on the tour)

Meeting and Petition to Sign – Speak out against Governor Larry Hogan’s fracked-gas / fossil fuel expansion plans

Rural Business Innovation Initiative of Maryland – does not include grants for small businesses in Prince George’s County and we think it should.

Cypress Creek Renewables – owner of solar field in Cheltenham

Nautilus Solar – Solar company responsible for largest MD solar farm in Ft. Washington (article here)

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3 Responses to Tour of Rural Southeast Prince George’s County

  1. E. Anne Riley says:

    So sorry that I could not go on that tour. Would be interested in sponsoring another tour thru the Sierra Club of Prince George’s Co.

  2. My name is Ernest Gooding, I am a member of the newly developed Prince Georges County NAACP Environmental Climate Justice committee. I was overwhelmed by the volume of information you have on your site. I would be honor to have an opportunity to speak with someone from your organization that can ensure our involvement in this fight for a healthy lifestyle in Prince Georges County.

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