Clean Air Prince George’s Finalize Their Mission Statement

CAPG group finalized their mission statement today. The group took into account the various goals of its diverse membership and voted on the following:

So Everybody Can Breathe Easy

Mission Statement of Clean Air Prince George’s

A diverse network of local citizens, Clean Air Prince George’s works for the public good in four areas:

  • Reversing the extraordinary proliferation of fossil fuel power plants and other polluting industries that are turning our community into an environmental sacrifice zone.
  • Promoting renewable energy initiatives and other sustainable, long-term, development projects that will further our community’s economic and social recovery.
  • Holding public servants accountable for the decisions they make and the ways they make them.
  • Preserving our rural area and its natural resources including clean air, watersheds, wetlands, forests and farms.

We believe that the welfare of present and future generations and the integrity of the environment call for vigorous action on our part in all these areas. We welcome involvement by anyone wanting to join us in this effort.

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