New Pipeline Proposed

If you haven’t yet, please start by reading the July 2020 update which will give you a good overview of the situation up until this new proposal. Remember to come back here to read about this new proposal.

The Mattawoman Energy power plant has applied with the Maryland Public Service Commission (PSC) for an amendment to their CPCN (Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity) which is essentially a permit to start work. This 161-page amendment has a huge change and is currently scheduled to be brought before PSC on Oct. 21, 2020 (we’re trying to get an extension).

It starts in Charles County, going through the Bellewood community in Bryantown, under Poplar Road and behind/through properties on St. Peters Church Rd., through Cedarville State Park, under streams and Holly Springs Drive and Havensbrook Drive, under Cedarville Rd., to the railroad track extending by the U.S. Military Reservation to just south of Brandywine Rd. where it enters the Mattawoman Energy property. See vicinity map below and photos of the process of laying pipe. What a mess it will make! And, as far as we know, it will take water from the table that is used by area wells. It’ll also take 3 yrs. to build the facility and there will be many more trucks on our streets. Please help us fight this – see the Action tab.

Tour of Rural Southeast Prince George’s County

Thank you to Councilman Hawkins and his staff for hosting this tour of Brandywine to Eagle Harbor:
(Photos here of the participants.)

Stops on the Tour

SAARC (our new aquatic center) – where we started to see development we really like! Thank you, Prince George’s County!

Historic Chapel of the Incarnation – which houses CSS and has a senior center next door and where we could see the area of the Brandywine Revitalization Study for a walkable bikeable community.

Superfund site – contamination clean-up just north of the Early Family Historic District

Mattawoman Power Plant – not yet built as of Oct. 2019 (Their website says it will retire the coal power plant but we have 3 other fracked-gas power plants within a 13-mile area which all said they would close Chalk Point, though it is still open. The state says we’re supposed to have 50% renewable energy by 2030 which can’t happen with these fracked-gas / fossil fuel power plants)

PSEG Keys Energy – 2nd fracked-gas / fossil fuel powered plant in Prince George’s County.

North Keys Park (latest photos from Google) – near the coal fly ash from Chalk Point (ash tracker link shows latest tests)

Lake Chaney – a mining project gone wrong since our water table is so high – now used for water skiing

Jenkins/Gobbler Property – mining site not far from Schmidt Environmental Center and historic St. Thomas Methodist Church (listed on Wikipedia here) – could be a good site for a solar farm

Chalk Point – coal power plant (that we’ve been told is transitioning to gas, which will make it the 5th fracked-gas-powered energy plant in the area) – the first power plant in southeast Prince George’s County which is in Eagle Harbor, a historic African American waterfront resort created during the Jim Crow era – it is polluting the Patuxent River which our Patuxent Riverkeeper is trying to clean up.

PA Bowen Farm – where we bought organic cheese made from raw milk, learning about how raw milk can be healthy if regulated, and organic chicken and other products from their farm which requires clean air and water (no more dirty fossil fuel power plants!).

Romano Winery – where we learned about the process of creating a variety of wines & we bought some great wine

Brandywine Power Facility, KMC Thermal (Google photos) – This is the first gas-powered energy plant in Brandywine, Maryland and the 2nd power plant in southeast Prince George’s County. It is close to Soil Safe which supposedly cleans contaminated soil (article 1 about abuse from Soil Safe | article 2 about abuse from Soil Safe).

Resources – Related Issues that inhibit or encourage Agritourism projects and/or Promote dirty businesses or clean air (spoken about on the tour)

Meeting and Petition to Sign – Speak out against Governor Larry Hogan’s fracked-gas / fossil fuel expansion plans

Rural Business Innovation Initiative of Maryland – does not include grants for small businesses in Prince George’s County and we think it should.

Cypress Creek Renewables – owner of solar field in Cheltenham

Nautilus Solar – Solar company responsible for largest MD solar farm in Ft. Washington (article here)

All Hands On Deck for Power Plant Info!

Do you care about the issue of power plants in Brandywine? Want to stop this proliferation? Have children at schools in Brandywine who have asthma or other health issues (or don’t want them to get health issues from pollutants)? We need your help!

We have an education effort coming up soon. Please contact us as soon as possible if you can help. Email us at with the Subject line: Power Plants and give us your phone number (cell phone if possible for text messaging – our contacts are not on automated systems – we are local residents who are concerned). Or call 301-502-3261.

We look forward to hearing from you!

It’s Not Over… How You & County Can Help

On Wed., Aug. 28 the Public Service Commission (PSC) voted to approve the amendment to Mattawoman Energy Center’s (MEC)  2015 Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity (CPCN) permit – to make a change from water cooling to air cooling of the now 1,038 MW operating 24/7 fracked-gas power plant. This will allow MEC to move forward with their plan to build after a 4 year dormancy.  Seven concerned citizens from Brandywine and Prince George’s County were able to attended the PSC’s administrative meeting in Baltimore to represent, witness and reiterate objections and concerns. (For more information on citizen’s testimonies to the PSC click here and put in Select Case: 9330 and click Search)

That evening, we met with County Executive Angela Alsobrook’s Chief of Staff and Community Relations office. They said they heard that people in Brandywine didn’t care about the power plants. WE NEED TO SHOW THE COUNTY WE CARE! It was very nice to talk to county administrators who seemed to care, but what will be done?

The next day we spoke out at County Councilman Sydney Harrison’s Coffee and Conversation in Clinton for District 9. The flyer didn’t say it was for Education only, but they made that statement during the event, apparently to keep us from bringing up power plants even though we spoke about the health of our students by preventing more asthma and respiratory problems due to air pollution and about raising taxes to improve our schools. The power plants do impact our children. Additional information:

  • Councilman Harrison said he was going to the Dept. of Health to find out what could be done about the air quality problem – he said they know about the power plants and are taking the future air quality into consideration also (let’s share with each other about the findings of those meetings).
  • Harrison’s chief of staff, Eric Bowman said council lawyers advise them that some issues and meetings, like power plants, have legal concerns that keep them from discussing them or attending meetings about them. We would like transparency about what these legal concerns are.

Don’t Let the County Tell Us: “We inherited this problem” or “It was the state…” as this sounds like it has nothing to do with our county officials and that they can’t do anything. We can contact the county to tell them what they can do (see below). Contact Coucilman Sydney Harrison here – Contact County Executive Angela Alsobrooks here.


  • Not give the power plants tax breaks, credits, incentives, etc. They should pay full taxes and the area should see those funds to remediate the damage their plants cause and to improve our local schools.
  • Monitor noise from the power plant and take action if they are above the limit of 65 db during the day and 55 db at night. It is the county’s perview to enforce noise standards. We think that should be at the sidewalk level since we want this to be a walkable bikable community and the county is helping to make the effort to do that (see Brandywine Revitalization & Preservation Study by Parks & Planning here).
  • Monitor air quality and report to the state if the power plants are not keeping to the legal qualities set by state and federal agencies. They may say that’s the state’s perview, but if they are true to their desire to educate our children, they need to also protect their health and the county can report to the state and federal governments or it can be done through a county-citizen partnership. (Wellness is supposedly a goal of the public schools.)
  • County can be leaders in modeling with programs that support its citizens, such as a policy to have no more power plants and meet state goals for the climate crisis before their goals of 50% renewable energy by 2030 and 100% by 2040; also supporting agritourism as a viable entity for green areas and food security which requires farmland.

Any other suggestions? Contact us at or 301-502-3261. Also see the Action page which was updated.



Keep In Touch! – Public Meeting Soon – This affects you!

Community members are concerned about new activity with Mattawoman Power Plant. Dominion stated they will not be providing their gas (see article here and read quote on our link at Facebook). They have applied to the Public Service Commission (PSC) to amend their Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity (CPCN) which is the major permit needed to start construction and, to our knowledge, no locally concerned citizens were notified.

Here are some concerns that may affect you:

  • Noise pollution: If they are permitted to air-cool instead of water-cool which was their previous plan. Location (zoom out as needed – 1/2 mi. from elementary school).
  • Gas pipeline leak/potential explosion (part of pipeline is existing, not new – does it meet today’s codes?)
  • Truck traffic during construction – Air pollution, more noise, safety
  • Traffic congestion on Brandywine Rd. and other adjoining roads, including Rt. 5 & 301
  • Impact on renewable energy sources, carbon emissions and climate change (State says we’re supposed to go to green energy by 2030 – see article – if you can’t see the article, search on “Maryland bill mandating 50% renewable energy by 2030 to become law, but without Gov. Larry Hogan’s signature”) – our future
  • Air and Water pollution – see information throughout this site

Stay connected from this website or our Facebook page for a public meeting later in June 2019.

Other recent web pages to visit:

Public Service Commission list of 9330 cases

Mattawomen Energy Center (contains links to CPCN)

Maryland Public Service Commission’s Search for Case 9330 (sort by date with 2019 at top)

EPA Resolution for civil rights complaint

We’re fighting the good fight – please help us!

Have you been down Brandywine Road lately? The work has stopped. That doesn’t mean they’re going away as they have permits and plans and have spent millions. We’re still working on stopping the 3rd natural gas plant in Brandywine and we have a coal plant as well – this plant is not needed here. Natural gas is dirty fossil fuel that will pollute and we’re fighting big corporate interests. We’re a small community.

Please support our legal battle with a donation (online here) – every little bit counts or contribute as much as you can afford. SPECIAL OFFER: People donating $50 or more during April 2017 will be invited to a cocktail party at national historic William W. Early house.

Your support can make a big difference. For more information, contact Joanne at 301-502-3261 email

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