Calls to County Council / Upcoming Caravan event

Our latest calls to ACTION are to call Prince George’s County Council representatives and to prepare for an announcement about a future caravan event. See more below:

Calls to Prince George’s County Council to tell them: NO TAX BREAKS TO POWER PLANTS. We’re especially interested in stopping Mattawoman Energy, but while we’re at it we can advocate that they not give tax breaks to any power plants. They should pay taxes. If you’re a tax payer, it’s your money. We need it for our health care system which has the burden of the many respiratory cases due to pollution caused by those power plants.

How to and some points you can include in your call:

  • To call County Council members, you need to start at this page, find the representative for your district (Brandywine is District 9) but ALSO remember to come back later and contact the 2 At-Large members who represent everyone in the county
    • Click on their District number in the left column to find their page with their phone number. Ask to talk to them directly, but if they’re not available, leave a complete message in case you don’t hear back from them, but say that you want a response as to if they will make the promise and vote on a bill when it comes up (or to sponsor it, if you call Councilman Harrison).
    • If you can’t reach your council person directly, call one of their staff members – find their numbers on their committee pages or elsewhere from the main county council page.
    • If you’re not a Prince George’s County resident, call one you know or from an area you have a connection with (work in, have relatives, etc.) and tell them how you’re connected and why you think they should not give tax breaks to power plants.
  • We’re asking Councilman Harrison to create a bill that will make it illegal to give a tax credit or tax break to power plants, so you can advocate for all of them to vote for it when they see it but in the mean time not to vow not to vote on giving tax breaks to power plants
    • the PILOT is the one they gave to Keys Energy power plant which is just one of 2 power plants in the center of Brandywine a 3rd power plant, just 1/2 mile from Brandywine Elementary School, getting ready to build
  • At-large members represent all in county – say you’re a constituent:
  • Keep your message short, clear, personal (share a short story if applicable), and concise. Below are some other things you can bring up.
  • Health Effects of Electric Utilities from the American Lung Association
    • Note that Transporting the Fuel will not be as much of an issue due to it being piped in, although pipelines do have leaks, however, during the 3 years of construction, we will have many MORE trucks and this area already has too many.
    • Article about local truck traffic
  • Environmental impacts of Natural Gas by Union of Concerned Scientists – also includes Greenhouse gases that create climate change
  • Brandywine, Maryland is a “Sacrifice zone” – article from University of Maryland Community Engagement, Environmental Justice, and Health – tell county council members it has to stop!

Stay tuned for an educational caravan in Feb. – join our activists by emailing: and/or subscribe to this blog here.

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