Clean Air Prince George’s finalize their mission statement

January 18, 2016

CAPG group finalized their mission statement today. The group took into account the various goals of its diverse membership and voted on the following:

So Everybody Can Breathe Easy

Mission Statement of Clean Air Prince George’s

A diverse network of local citizens, Clean Air Prince George’s works for the public good in four areas:

  • Reversing the extraordinary proliferation of fossil fuel power plants and other polluting industries that are turning our community into an environmental sacrifice zone.
  • Promoting renewable energy initiatives and other sustainable, long-term, development projects that will further our community’s economic and social recovery.
  • Holding public servants accountable for the decisions they make and the ways they make them.
  • Preserving our rural area and its natural resources including clean air, watersheds, wetlands, forests and farms.

We believe that the welfare of present and future generations and the integrity of the environment call for vigorous action on our part in all these areas. We welcome involvement by anyone wanting to join us in this effort.

PSC Grants More Time for Comments on Amendment to CPCN for Mattawoman Energy

January 12, 2016

The PSC granted a request for a postponement of the Jan. 13 hearing on Mattawoman Energy’s request for an amendment to the Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity (“CPCN”). Mattawoman requested an expedited request to increase the amount of “dewatering” that they would like to perform for the development of the pipeline.

Construction dewatering is the removal or draining of groundwater or surface water from a riverbed, construction site, caisson, or mine shaft, by pumping or evaporation. On a construction site, this dewatering may be implemented before subsurface excavation for foundations, shoring, or cellar space to lower the water table.

The pipeline path and dewatering process is of extreme concern to local residents, as it follows the path along Brandywine Road, passing both a very large junk yard and to the entrance of the proposed Mattawoman plant itself, which is the location of one of the worst EPA “Superfund” toxic waste sites on the East Coast (the Brandywine DRMO facility).

The Brandywine Defense Reutilization and Marketing Office (DRMO) facility in Brandywine, MD was used to store wastes and excess governmental materials such as jet fuel, explosive ordinance, various oils, and other chemicals. The facility was used by many different DoD operations from the Washington, DC region including: AAFB, Bolling Air Force Base, the Washington Naval Yard, the Naval Surface War fare Center (NSWC)-Indian Head, and White Oak Laboratory (now known as NSWC-White Oak). DRMO site activities contaminated the soil and groundwater with hazardous chemicals.

Some of the contaminants that detected in ground water from the DRMO site are:

  Ground Surface Air Soil Other
Water Water
ACETONE         X
AROCLOR 1260   X      
CHRYSENE         X
FLUORENE         X
PYRENE         X
TOLUENE         X


Link to information on the Brandywine DRMO Site from “”, an environmental watchdog group.

Link to information on the Brandywine DRMO Site from the EPA.

It is not known, yet, which contaminants (if any) stem from the additional commercial/industrial facilities along the proposed pathway (including potential pollutants and remediation efforts that would need to be performed during the “first mile of pipeline”). The proposed pipeline route is adjacent to a very large auto junk yard and several other auto “junk yards” up and down Brandywine Road.


Image from the PSC’s public document showing the proposed pipeline path in the “1st mile”.

The EPA and DoD paid for “city water” to be run to residents and commercial entities around the old DRMO facility. The is fear that if the dewatering process plans for pumping extracted water to the surface, residents may be adversely exposed to toxins.

The EPA and DoD have continuously briefed Brandywine Residents as to the ongoing Superfund cleanup process. During a yearly presentation the Brandywine North Keys Civic Association, EPA and DoD officials explained that it would not be possible to remove all contaminations from the Superfund site, and cited concerns on the actual removal of contaminated earth under the site.

Residents have also expressed concern as to the pipeline’s construction requirements and potential safety impacts to response times from the new Brandywine Volunteer Fire Station and access concerns to Gwynn Park High School, both of which are located within the planned “first mile” in the proposed pipeline pathway.

Unfortunately, Brandywine Elementary is located a few hundred yards from both the DRMO Superfund site, the proposed Mattawoman Power Plant, along the proposed pipeline path.

The new deadline for written comments on the proposed amendment for additional dewatering volume is Feb. 8th and the tentative hearing date is Feb. 18th. Comments may be submitted to:

David J Collins

Executive Secretary

Maryland Public Service Commission

William Donald Schaefer Tower

6 St. Paul Street, 16th Floor

Baltimore, MD 21202

Re: Case No 9330

Protest March Against Pollution Plants in Brandywine, MD

January 1, 2016

Local residents took time on New Year’s Day to protest the newly  approved Keys Energy Center and Mattawoman power plants in Brandywine, MD. The residents placed signs along the Brandywine Road corridor to raise awareness. They marched up and down the main section of the town Brandywine with an accordion, funny hats, tambourines, signs, and dogs.

Residents on a peaceful New Year's day march in Brandywine, MD

Residents on a peaceful New Year’s day march in Brandywine, MD

Brandywine, MD already contains an existing Gas-powered power plant (The Panda Plant). And, another large Gas-powered plant (Charles Power Center) is being constructed the adjacent town of Waldorf, MD. If all the approved plants are constructed, the aggregation of fossil fuel emissions in such a small location will be unprecedented within the United States.

“We are not excited about the idea of two new power plants so we walk!” exclaimed local resident Nick Newlin.

Yard signs are still available for those residents who wish to have a sign on their own property. Please contact us for more information on how to obtain a sign.