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Call to action! You can help us by:

Special action for current work – see both below and our blog.

Sharing the news & staying informed, contacting your legislators, contacting us if you are willing to attend a hearing and/or be on our contact list (see below), and/or donating.

Choose one or two from the asterisked list below and come back if you’re still upset about our local environment and would like to do more and skip down below that list for education links and deeper work.

* Copy and paste this asterisked list into an email or social media post, prefaced with an introduction to why they should help.
*  Sign this petition (click here).
* Email us at and put JOIN in the subject line to join our efforts
* Write letters to the media (write for more info or do it from info on website as a concerned citizen): The Washington PostBaltimore SunPrince George’s Post (email to, Prince George’s Sentinel (email, Maryland Independent, or any other local papers for the state of Maryland, DC area, Prince George’s County, or southern Maryland. See a letter to the Washington Post here.
* Testify (orally or in writing) at county council meetings Tues. mornings, which are currently video chat (email with TESTIFY CC in the subject) – Listening in on County Council meetings has never been easier. The meetings are held virtually and are open to the public here. You can find out what’s on the agenda and sign up to speak at public hearings by going to this web page.
* Testify (or possibly just show up as support) at Public Service Committee meetings, which are currently video chat (email with TESTIFY PSC in the subject)
* Be a liaison to share information with your local/county/state organization which can support our work (email us at and put JOIN in the subject line)
* Share a video which will soon be posted on
* Participate in a video by sending a selfie video from info provided – email & put VIDEO in the subject
* How else can you help? Please let us know at

Like us on Facebook & Subscribe to our Blog

We maintain a Facebook page. Please consider checking us out and liking it. You can subscribe to our blog by clicking on the envelope icon in the right column of this page (or at the bottom of the page via phone). If you believe some of your friends would be interested, please consider forwarding our messages to them and invite them to like our page or subscribe to our blog.

Educate Yourself

This site has a lot of information. Especially note the latest blog posts linked along the right column here (in drop down menu on phones) with the most recent at the top. The Facebook page has additional information and see our Resource page.

Also see: This CNN report about the power plants right here in Brandywine, this Baltimore Sun article about the need for renewable energy in Maryland (not fossil fuel energy like these Brandywine plants – the governor did sign the bill so it’s law now), read citizen’s testimonies to the PSC -> put in Select Case: 9330 -> click Search, and a Sept 2019 story on PGCTV with Dr. Henry Cole on YouTube.

Can you attend a meeting (currently virtual) during the day, for instance Wed. maybe all morning?

Please email with JOIN and we will send you an email about upcoming meetings and/or strategy plans for meeting with the Public Service Commission or county council, etc. If you’d rather not speak and just be a supporter there, it’s OK.

Contact MD Senator Mike Miller

Please help support Sen Mike Miller’s request to have the Maryland Public Service Commission change the notification requirements for power companies to post notices on the property being proposed as new plants. Legislation that says to include written letters to people in the 5 mile radius would be beneficial. Current legislation specifies certain types of public notices, but the kind of newspaper posts, signage, social media posting being done is not anything that would be seen by the average area resident. Legislators can’t create better legislation if they don’t know and understand our concerns. His contact information is here.

Contact MD Delegate Michael Jackson to voice your opposition

Let MD Delegate Michael Jackson know where you stand on Keys Energy and Mattawoman Power Center. Email him at or call him at (301) 952-4919. Del Jackson supports the new plant construction and has commented on how it will benefit the “community” regarding new construction jobs (more on construction jobs at power plants on the Issues tab).

Contact County Executive Angela Alsobrooks & County Council Representatives

In general, they think we don’t care (except only a handful of us who are active), so let them know with a call, email, and/or letter. You can include in your message: “don’t support power plants with tax incentives or tax breaks.” Find their contacts here. (Brandywine is County Council District 9 and also contact At-Large members)

Contact Legislators for Brandywine, Maryland

If you’re not in Brandywine and are in Prince George’s County, please contact your county council member and at-large members as indicated above. If you’re in Maryland but not PG, please contact your state senator and delegates as power plants are regulated by the state. Email addresses and phone numbers for the County Council are on this page. State senators and delegates listed here.

What to say to your legislators is specified above and on blog posts (latest blog post on top of Recent Posts list on right or below).

Volunteer with Clean Air Prince George’s

There are numerous opportunities to voice your opinion and help get involved! There may be hearings coming up for the existing power plants.

Call us at 301-502-3261


Email us at

Resources for your efforts in writing letters, speaking to legislators, etc.

We are human beings deserving of respect & should not be a Sacrifice Zone!:

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