3rd Community Education Action & Information

We met on Nov. 14 to wave signs, pass out fliers, and get petition signatures in front of Brandywine Elementary School. See photos below.

Our next Community Education Action will be at Cedarville Park at 10 AM on Sat., Nov. 21. Contact cleanair@brandywinemd.com for more information.

The county delegation to the state General Assembly has a bill, sponsored by Delegate Ivey of Cheverly, to end new coal power plants. They’ve added on gas-powered plants as well. There’s a public hearing on Fri., Nov. 19 at 7:00 PM.

We’ve been told Chalk Point has stopped burning coal, but they may be switching to oil and they also have a gas-powered plant there, so Chalk Point is still a problem.

Also coal continues to be a problem, because Brandywine houses a coal ash dump that’s being used by other coal-powered plants.

According to data from the EPA, “[Brandywine,] Maryland is #7 in “worst groundwater contamination from coal ash”: “19 miles southeast of Washington, DC, at the Brandywine landfill in Prince George’s County, ash from three NRG coal plants has contaminated groundwater with unsafe levels of at least eight pollutants, including lithium at more than 200 times above safe levels, and molybdenum (which can damage the kidney and liver) at more than 100 times higher than safe levels. The contaminated groundwater at this site is now feeding into and polluting local streams.”(1) Apparently GenOn, the owner, has had multiple lawsuits “for its polluting of groundwater and local streams.”(4) Problems with groundwater and local streams are what we fear from the dewatering for the pipeline, too.

The coal ash has seen to be dumped loose into the coal ash dump that overlooks the playground at North Keys park. People have reported seeing dust clouds over the park, probably due to the ash being blown into the air. It appears that they do not dump the ash in a safe way. It should be contained at the source of where it is produced, Chalk Point, Morgantown*(2)(3), and elsewhere. People off North Keys Road have well water, which, as far as we know, was not able to be tested in Prince George’s County.

Good news is we’re getting support from many organizations from all over the state and we’ve learned of new ones right here in Brandywine. More people are becoming more aware of how important local communities are in the fight against pollution and climate change.

(1) https://www.ecowatch.com/groundwater-contamination-coal-ash-2630617715.html
(2) https://ashtracker.org/facility/64/brandywine-coal-ash-landfill
(3) https://web.archive.org/web/20120321083804/https://www.environmentalintegrity.org/news_reports/documents/OutofControl-MountingDamagesFromCoalAshWasteSites.pdf
(4) https://wamu.org/story/19/03/04/one-of-the-most-polluting-coal-ash-dumps-in-the-u-s-is-in-maryland/

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