New Vision

After Mattawoman Energy withdrew from building the 5th power plant, we met to decide what we were doing next. Artist, workshop leader, and environmental activist Caryl Henry Alexander facilitated and poet Jesse Alexander turned our brainstorming into a poem, “We Are Stewards of Brandywine, A Community Affirmation”.

Ideas for future actions in 4 categories for potential work groups:

Environmental reparations and revitalization for Brandywine

  • Leverage EPA contacts
  • Toxic review- remediate toxins on property
  • Planting trees
  • Clean up Air Force dumping
  • Coal ash clean up
  • Health reparations for Brandywine/Free health care

Expand community awareness

  • Youth
  • Share knowledge with other communities
  • Listening sessions
  • Faith communities involved

Political work

  • Support politicians who support our work-1-1
  • Build a powerful political infrastructure
  • Selecting our own politicians -be involved w/elections
  • Participate with representatives
  • Expanding the power of citizens to impact what happens at the County Council
  • County legislation against tax breaks
  • Not allowing the site to be converted to any other type of pollutant
  • Environmental report card for Sydney Harrison


  • Prohibit new gas plants from being built in Prince George’s
  • Transportation and Traffic
  • Clean air-monitoring
  • Shut down chalk point with a “spanking”
  • Just transition for workers and community

See recent news article that’s also available on the Resource Page: Bill Would Prevent More Power Plants From Being Built in Prince George’s