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STOP Additional Brandywine, MD Power Plants shared MoveOn.org's Rev. Barber on White Supremacy. ...

"If statues come down, racism can still be up." Reverend William J. Barber, II sets the record straight on systemic racism and white supremacy in America. Join Rev. Barber and the Poor People's Campaign at: Repairers of the Breach www.breachrepairers.org/poorpeoplescampaign/

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On Wed. Sep 20th at 7:30 there is a Solar Co-op Info Session!

At Baden Fire Hall in Brandywine, MD.

Find out more about solar!

Hosted by GBACA - Greater Baden-Aquasco Citizens Association
and open to the public

Solar Co-op Info Session!

September 20, 2017, 7:30pm - September 20, 2017, 9:00pm

Want to go solar? Join a Solar Co-op! Information session free to the public Wednesday, September 20th, 7:30 PM Baden Fire Hall 166608 Brandywine Rd. Brandywine, MD 20613 Greater Baden Aquasco Citizens Association has invited MD SUN (Maryland Solar United Neighborhoods) a 501c(3) nonprofit to share information on solar co-ops. Homeowners can join a solar co-op to save money and make going solar easier while building a network of solar supporters. Local nonprofit MD SUN has helped homeowners organize over a dozen solar co-ops in Maryland in the last two years. Go solar. Join together. Fight for energy rights. Save up to 20% off the cost of going solar Get expert help throughout the process System sizes vary. You can size to fit your budget Questions? email solarteam@mdsun.org or call 240-334-7720 To learn more and register for the information session, visit mdsun.org/indianhead

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